A review of the Sundance X8 Tough

Sep 22, 2021 e bike adventures and routes
A review of the Sundance X8 Tough

Hello, this is Sean from, and in this blog I’ll talk about the specifications and advantages of the X8 tough by Sundance.

Detachable battery

The X8 Tough’s main feature is its easily detachable 10.4Ah battery attached to the down pole. The convenience of having a detachable battery is the ability to buy a spare battery and should your main battery be low, you can easily switch out to a spare and charge the main battery in the meantime in the house or even in the office.

Taking the battery off is as simple as pulling the lock at the top of the battery, and sliding the whole battery up and then out away from the pole. To re attach it, just put it back against the lock and slide it down until it clicks into place.

LED Display

The display of this scooter is very simple; it tells you your speed, your battery level and your power mode. You can change the power mode by the function button on the throttle, the three power modes are shown on-screen as no circle for the eco mode, a white circle for the drive mode or a red circle for sports mode.

Then there is the advanced settings on the display, if you hold the power and function buttons together while the scooter is on, you’ll see the display change to P0, meaning it’s in settings essentially. From here you can press the function button to tab through the settings. To enter a setting, you press the power button and use the function button to toggle between the options, either 0 or 1. Then power button again to get back to the P menu.

Each P number refers to a specific setting; P0 is for your speed display, either kilometres or miles per hour.

P1 refers to Cruise Control, 0 means off while 1 means on.

P2 corresponds to the auto-start setting on the scooter, if need to kick off to engage the throttle or if the throttle works from a standstill. 0 is auto start is on while 1 is kick start.

P3 is for the diameter of your tires. By default it is set to 10 as the scooter has 10” tires. It doesn’t change a whole lot but it’s so that the scooter can calculate its speed based on the tire size. It is recommended not to lie to the scooter and say anything lower or higher as it can drain more battery or damage the motor.

P4 is for max speed control. By default it is set to 25 but you can use the function button to lower it to 20 if a younger rider will be riding the scooter so it will be just a little safer.

To exit the P menu, simply hold the function and power together once again until 00 appears on the display.

Triple braking system

The X8 tough also offers three ways to slow down, possibly depending on how urgently you need to reduce speed. The first is electronic braking and the scooter does this automatically when you ease off the throttle. The second and main way to brake is the disc brake on the back wheel which is activated by a brake handle on the bars. Finally the last method of slowing yourself is the mudflap also acts as a foot brake, like traditional push scooters. This isn’t as effective to slow or stop but works to maintain your speed when going downhill.

Air tires

The scooter has large 10” air tires, making for a very comfortable and safe ride. As the air tires have a level of give to them, they have great shock absorption so any bumps in the road or potholes you might hit won’t rattle your entire body as much as solid tires would.

Plus the bigger tires are very handy as you have more contact area with the ground which in turn means more traction. This is very important with scooters as the last thing you want is to slip out while offroad or worse again, on an intersection.

We at will slime the inside of your tires, meaning there is puncture prevention fluid inside the tire so that if the tire does get pierced by something on the road. The fluid will immediately fill the gap to stop any air from escaping.

Simple Folding Lock

The folding mechanic is great with the X8 Tough also, it’s very secure and has no chance of coming lose while riding, even on the roughest terrain. It’s super simple to unlock, all you have to do is rotate the ring with a hook around the pole. Then flip the big latch down and press the release button on the front side and the pole folds down and clips neatly into the mudflap at the back.

The Sundance X8 Tough is an ideal e-scooter on the more budget end of things if you’re looking to commute to work or just have a scooter to ride around the town or take with you around the South East and Munster. ScooterScooter is a leading retailer and has them in stock along with plenty other scooters to suit anyone’s needs.

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