About us

A Family Run Business

ScooterScooter is an Irish-owned, eco-focused electric scooter business catering to Munster and the South East of Ireland. We sell a variety of electric scooters, bikes and even golf trolleys. We offer a scooter and bike repair service off site. Our website provides a generous selection of E-scooters and E-bikes, among our golf trolleys and extras for our scooters such as inflators, bags, helmets, etc.

Our Mission

We strongly believe that electric scooters and bikes will be the “first car” for every 16 year old in the coming years. These cost effective scooters and bikes are the way forward in light of a more eco friendly planet and city. To add to it, the scooters are only getting better and better and quality is consistently improving. We want to make it easy for as many people as possible, to do this, we offer payment plans and finance on our scooters. You could put money down on one in the lead up to Christmas and have it ready to go as a fantastic gift.


The 2020’s are likely to be the decade where our cities are re-envisioned as a more modern and environment focused and will be built to include and focus on electric transport and vehicles. We aim to be at the forefront of this and highlight to the people of the South East how much genuine fun they can be, and how much you can save on your commute by switching to electric transport.

Reliable, healthy, and convenient - get around town quick and easy with an electric scooter from Scooter Scooter

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