The Best Tips to Keep your E-Scooter Battery Healthy

Jun 14, 2021 e bike adventures and routes
The Best Tips to Keep your E-Scooter Battery Healthy

This is Sean from Scooterscooter. Writing about 6 tips to keep you scooter battery perfectly healthy for as long as possible!

Keeping your E-scooter’s battery healthy is the key to getting the most time out of it as possible. These batteries may be designed to last, but a neglected battery may be the key cause to an underperforming E-scooter. If your scooter is struggling to hold a lasting charge, it’s very likely your battery is nearing the end of its life.

But you have nothing to worry about! I have a number of the best tips to keep your battery lasting as long as it can and healthy for far longer than a neglected battery!

Don’t charge your scooter immediately after riding.

We recommend that it’s best to not put your scooter on charge immediately after getting off it and going inside, as the battery has not had time to cool down yet. It does need approximately 20 minutes to cool down before it goes on charge. How long to leave it isn’t exact, and may differ between scooters and weather conditions. But when it’s cool is when it’s best to charge it, not when it is warm.

Make sure to use the right charger for your scooter

This might be the most important one on this list, it is vitally important that you use the charger provided for your scooter. Or even one made by a third party specifically for that model of scooter. If your scooter charger is lost or damaged, it can be tempting to use a different charger that fits. But this may damage the battery, even if it does actually charge your scooter. Your battery may get damaged in the process and not hold a charge very well ever again.

The charger will tell you when the scooter is fully charged. Not the display.

Electric scooters charge to 80% pretty fast, however the right charger will slow the rate of charging at this point to avoid overcharging. Even if you leave it in overnight, once the battery hits 100% percent full, the charger will automatically stop the current. So overcharging is not an issue. Most scooter chargers will have a way to let you know the scooter is done, such as a small led light that turns from red to green once it stops the current passing into the scooter. This is another reason to use the specific charger for each scooter. Even if it says 100% on the display, if the charger is still red, it isn’t done yet and it’s best to leave it finish, if you can. That last 20% can take a little longer, due to the slower charging from the charger.

Don’t leave your scooter die too often.

Despite the habit of leaving your battery in your phone deplete all the way and die and then charging it up again. Scooter batteries are built differently to phone batteries and won’t handle dying as well as a much smaller phone battery would.

We recommend charging your scooter battery at every possible chance. It’s better for the battery to be kept above 50%. If you’re only doing short journeys, this is perfect. But I know some of you might have further to go. That’s not a problem either; just charge it as much as possible.

To make sure the cells in the battery get the best use possible, it’s also recommended to completely discharge the battery every 2 weeks or so just to properly cycle the power through the cells.

Make sure to avoid extreme temperatures

Batteries in pretty much every device don’t like being too hot or cold. It is harmful to them, this includes scooter batteries. So whenever possible, try to avoid letting the battery get too hot or too cold. The heat shouldn’t be too much of a concern here in Ireland, but on sunny days, if you can leave it standing in the shade instead of in direct sunlight. This will drastically help the battery.

The cold will most certainly reduce the capacity of the battery, and in turn the range and speed of your scooter. Most days it shouldn’t be too much of a concern around the South East. Although on the coldest of those winter days when it’s close to or into the freezing temperatures, it might be best to leave the scooter in a regulated room like a house or garage. Your car boot will not do, if you end up taking the car somewhere on a particularly hot or cold day and don’t intend to use the scooter. We recommend taking it out and leaving it in the house so the temperature doesn’t damage the battery.

This is especially vital to remember when charging, always charge your scooter in a cool and ventilated area. As close to ambient room temperature as possible is best.

Charge up your scooter before storing

If you’re planning on storing your scooter away for up to, or more than a month, it is recommended to charge it up to approximately 60% or 70% before putting it away. If it is away for over a month, we think it’s best checking just once a month and topping it up should it need to be. If it is left uncharged for more than a month the battery will not be cycled and can be damaged once you begin charging it again after such a period of time.

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