ScooterScooter, What’s Our mission?

Jun 14, 2021 e bike adventures and routes
ScooterScooter, What’s Our mission?

Here at we pride ourselves on what we can to offer to you as a consumer, and to the planet as a whole. The motto “There’s no Planet B” used by Sundance E-scooters resonates very strongly with us. We view it as very simply highlighting our intentions to maintain the planet that we have for as long as we can. So long as we all do our bit, no matter how big or small it’s a case of every little bit helps.

Electric is just the way transport is going now, cars, jeeps and trucks are all slowly becoming electric. So we’re keeping with the times and getting people onto the most convenient form of electric travel for around towns and cities; E-bikes and E-scooters. We have a strong belief that the 2020’s are going to be the decade our cities will be hugely re-envisioned to include personal electric vehicles and transport.

We aim to become the leading retailer of electric transport vehicles in the South East, and to be the first choice in people’s minds when they think of electric scooters. With usage of E-scooters is visibly increasing in recent months. We set up the business to be able to bring the convenience and joy of using an E-scooter or E-bike to more people around the South East.

We are confident that E-scooters are not going away any time soon. They will likely be the “first car” for most 16 year olds. We’re going to provide for those young people looking to get out of the house and around the city. But it’s not limited to that; people of all ages are already using these to get around. Our goal is to provide easy and affordable transport that people of all ages can actually enjoy using often, while also making the planet a cleaner place for us all.

Our vision is to see more people abandon the habit of travelling or commuting by fuel vehicles. Or if you commute by taxi, you’d be able to save those taxi fares and have that extra bit of money to spend elsewhere or buy an extra apple! Switching to a more renewable energy and cost effective form of transport could make a huge difference to the local environment and even personal well being.

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